CARE Alabama History

CARE Alabama continues to support CARE in their 60 year old effort to provide global relief and development for millions of people around the world.........

Founded in 1987 by Ben and Luanne Russell, CARE Alabama is the only statewide campaign that raises funds for CARE. For almost a quarter century the Russell’s have matched “dollar for dollar” all donations, with all funds going directly to CARE!  

Your gifts make a difference…

CARE is one of the world's leading humanitarian organizations fighting global poverty. CARE helps poor families create lasting solutions to their most threatening problems. They combine the strength of communities, donors and expert staff to win victories over poverty every day.

CARE Alabama and CARE have been partners for over 24 years, and with your support, we will continue to provide relief to the homeless and help them rebuild their lives.

Thanks to you, CARE Alabama is helping millions of people around the world. CARE Alabama has provided CARE with over $16 million for our neighbors in developing countries.

Looking back to the beginning it has always been apparent that the matching portion of CARE Alabama was originally seen as an unprecedented, short-term program designed to quickly expand the donor base for CARE. Now, almost a quarter century later the Russell’s feel that all goals have been far exceeded and that the matching aspect can be phased out. The Russell's will continue to fund all expenses as CARE Alabama carries on its mission to promote CARE in Alabama.

No other statewide fund raising program has been established and certainly no such effort has ever approached the level of success that we in Alabama have obtained for those who truly deserve our help.

Thank you all for caring – it really does make a difference.

Reasons to Give to CARE Alabama… 


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